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Player Ratings: RSL flop in Open Cup game versus Atlanta

In a game where RSL was heavily favored to win, Salt Lake came up short with few bright moments.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Attinella - 6 Jeff was doing acrobatics most of the game because the Salt Lake defense was letting so many chances leak through. Even though he came up with some nice saves, Attinella is not blame free as one of the orchestrators.

Tony Beltran - 4.5 Tony has to do better as a leader of this team. There is no reason for him to get outplayed like he did.

Carlos Salcedo - 3.5 Where is the Salcedo from 2013 that paired so well with Nat Borchers and helped RSL get a nice, long undefeated streak? Not in Atlanta. The potential is still there, but the consistency is not.

Aaron Maund. - 2.5 Maund looked lost and unable to communicate well with Salcedo. It's unfortunate with the nice start to the season that Maund had in Schuler's absence. With all due respect to NASL teams, Maund was getting worked repeatedly by lower level talent.

Chris Wingert - 4 I have been thinking this all season, but I think the game against Atlanta confirmed it. Wingert has lost a step. Over the first part of this season, he has not been as good as he has been in years past. I hope he finds his form again, but he definitely did not find it in Atlanta.

Cole Grossman - 3 Grossman is the guy that was supposed to break up their attack. That is his number one job and he did not do it well at all. The Silverbacks ran right through him.

Luke Mulholland - 4.5 Muholland was one of the few RSL players that was creating some attack, but even that was few and far between. He had a much better first half than second, but still not a great showing.

John Stertzer - 6 In his second start for RSL, he was probably the best player on the field for the club. That is not saying too much as the bar was very low this game, but it looks like with game-time minutes under his belt he is becoming more comfortable and gaining valuable experience. And he had a goal-line save that was probably the highlight of the game for Salt Lake.

Luis Gil - 3.5 Gil went unnoticed for the vast majority of the match which is not a good sign for the guy that is in contention to take over that spot when Morales is out. It's only one game in a streak of nice games, so hopefully this does not derail him. I doubt it will.

Robbie Findley - 5 Findley was able to go 90 minutes, which is probably the one positive to take from this game. He got a goal for being in the right spot at the right time as the Silverbacks keeper made a massive error that gifted the goal to RSL.

Devon Sandoval - 4 Sandoval connected as well as anybody in possession. The problem was, there were not real lengthy bouts of possession and nobody connected that well. He worked hard, but working hard does not lead to a good performance sometimes.



Joao Plata - 4 Plata was unable to do much in the way of creating chances. In fairness, the game was a disaster when he came on.

Sebastian Velasquez - 3.5 Similar to Plata, Velasquez was unable to do much with the ball on a night when the RSL midfield was as bad as they have ever been.

Olmes Garcia - 4 Much like Mulholland, Garcia did what he could in the way of creating some sort of attack, but we were left wanting.