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2014 World Cup open thread: Brazil's back, dark horses, and wild-cards

Kevin C. Cox

We're still buzzing on the United States victory over Ghana, but the World Cup's not going to stop moving for us: More games today, and the group stage hits the second round.

The games

All times Mountain Daylight Time

10 a.m., Belgium v. Algeria

Here, we've got a dark horse against a team that's never made it out of the group stage. Belgium didn't qualify in 2006 or 2010, so they'll be hungry - and they're tremendously talented, so it's one to watch.

1 p.m., Brazil v. Mexico

We're finally to the second round of group play, and this one kicks us off. It's Brazil, the hosts, against our neighbors, and it surely doesn't look encouraging for our neighbors.

4 p.m., Russia v. South Korea

Whoever gets off on the right foot in this match probably has a good chance of qualifying. This group of wild-cards - Belgium and Algeria also being involved - will be interesting not necessarily for the quality of play but for the interesting match-ups that are created.

What we saw yesterday

  • The United States. John Anthony Brooks. Kyle Beckerman. Jermaine Jones. 2-1.
  • Germany smashing Portugal 4-0 - and Portugal looking unable to cope. Does this bode well for the United States? I don't know, but let's hope.
  • Iran and Nigeria putting everyone into a mood for a nice, long nap.

Coming up tomorrow

Australia v. Netherlands, 10 a.m.; Spain v. Chile, 1 p.m.; Cameroon v. Croatia, 4 p.m.