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Off the Crossbar, Episode 16, June 18: USOC, USMNT, and League Rankings

Real Salt Lake may be on break, but Off the Crossbar isn't. We're back with another episode, this time about an awful loss, an amazing win, and MLS against the world.

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Match recap: Atlanta Silverbacks in the US Open Cup

We struggled in the US Open Cup somewhat mightily, losing 2-1 to Atlanta Silverbacks after conceding a late goal. We're still a little depressed about that. Or a lot depressed about that.

We talk about the positives from the match, however small they may be, and we talked about the negatives - or at least a cross-section of them.

Match recap: USMNT v. Ghana and all the glory it was

Something less depressing in the extreme: The United States' famous victory over Ghana. We conceded a late goal, scored an even later goal, and got to see Kyle Beckerman a lot. Lucky us!

General topic: How does MLS rank with world leagues?

Trevor and I took some time to go over some of the more notable leagues in the world - from Brazil to Switzerland to Japan and everything in-between - and compared MLS to each of them, coming up with a rough ranking for our little ol' league. It's not so bad.