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Player ratings: Shorthanded RSL lose to Chivas USA

A quick red card put RSL in a tough position on the road and at the end of the game they were left wanting.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Attinella - 6.5 This game could have really been a blood bath had Attinella not come up with some saves. He was quick to get the ball in play and did better than usual distributing the ball.

Chris Wingert - 5.5 Wingert does not look like the Wingert of three or four years ago. Maybe that is not fair to say, but he just is not as sharp as he once was, and I have no reason to say otherwise based on the Chivas game.

Nat Borchers - 6 Nat showed his commitment to this club having played just a few days after becoming a father. He did quite a bit to prevent another Chivas goal.

Chris Schuler - 7 If RSL had won, we would likely be more excited about Sculer's game. He came up big a few times but unfortunately RSL was on the losing end.

Abdoulie Mansally - 6 Mansally was able to show off his recovery speed this game having to make up for being a man down. He was not anle to do much offensively, however.

Cole Grossman - 4.5 Grossman did not seem to have much success breaking up attacks. When he came off, he was visibly frustrated. Maybe it is time to give someone else a bite at the apple?

Luke Mullholland - 2 That was a horribly-timed, reckless tackle when RSL was looking to gain some positive momentum against one of the worst MLS teams. It left RSL in a nearly impossible situation for 80 plus minutes on the road. He has to be smarter than that.

Luis Gil - 4 Gil disappeared for large portions of the game. He's still young and all that, but he has more experience than a lot of MLS players and has to do better on the road.

Javier Morales - 4.5 Morales had a couple chances to take a pretty good shot but tried to get cute with the ball. He could have done a bit better to connect with the forwards, but missing a partnering midfielder does not help.

Joao Plata - 6 Plata had a couple of RSL's rare scoring chances but was unable to do much with them.

Robbie Findley - 6.5 Nobody put in a tougher shift than Findley. He spent just as much time tracking back to help on defense as he did to score a goal. Great effort from a guy coming back from surgery.


Sebastian Velasquez - 4.5 Where is the dynamic midfielder we saw over the past couple years? Velasquez needs to re-gain his swagger.

Olmes Garcia - 4.5 Garcia had a couple chances that left us all wanting more. He needs to open his scoring account soon or there are going to be a lot of questions if he is capable of playing at this level.

John Stertzer - 5.5 Stertzer seemed to ne more effective than Grossman when he came on. He could be earning more minutes on a team that is ready for someone to step up.