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Off the Crossbar, Episode 14: A busy week of Seattle (ugh), Columbus, and Portland

Off the Crossbar is back with our 14th episode, and our first episode in which we discuss a loss. We talk Seattle Sounders, Columbus Crew, and Portland Timbers, all from our unfocused Real Salt Lake perspective.

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Match recap: Seattle Sounders

We talk Seattle Sounders, and very shortly after we start talking about the match, we stop talking about it, because frankly, who wants to focus on a 4-0 drubbing anyway?

Match recap: Columbus Crew

This one’s at least a little more interesting. We talk about rotation, what went wrong, what went well, and plenty more.

Match preview: Portland Timbers

Ah, and the real fun starts. Portland Timbers are interesting on and off the field, and not always for the best reasons. We’ll be looking to snag three points from them at our grounds, and we can’t wait.

Listener questions

Zombies. Do you really need to know more? Just listen, why don't you?