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RSL, Galaxy present distinct approaches to attacking moments

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake face some familiar faces tomorrow in the form of LA Galaxy, who, let's face it, are pretty good.

They're not terrifyingly good, but they haven't lost since mid-May. That's a strong measure and one worth looking at.

In fact, this might be the side we line up against in some of the more interesting ways in this league. The Bruce Arena-led side are fast and counter-attacking, but they balance that with a conservative mindset. We're essentially the opposite. We can attack on the break (if not particularly well most of the time)  but our focus tends to be on attacking in possession.

Of course, none of this really indicates that LA Galaxy are a bunker-counter team -- they're dangerous in and out of possession -- but the moments either pick are indicative of a larger, more prominent mindset.

As a result, Real Salt Lake has a major consideration ahead of the match. How will the team handle attacking set pieces? It's something we could improve on, but if -- as in many cases for all teams -- we lose possession on, say, a corner, how do we manage the defensive side of things?

It will cause a bit of consternation. It's a moment when most teams are weak, so adapting to a team capable of slaughtering on the counterattack seems a high priority.

There will be other priorities, but that's one thing in the pantheon of things Jeff Cassar will be alive to against a capable Galaxy team.