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Nick Rimando edging up against shutouts record; home stand should see him through

Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long time coming, but we've got a three-game home stand now that will be incredibly important to our season.

These home stands are the ones that shape a season — and that's doubly true in MLS, where parity is relatively high when compared to other leagues the world over.

With this run, it's time to get Nick Rimando his shutout record. He's two games away from being the sole holder of that mark, as he'd pass Kevin Hartman's 112 career shutouts.

Nick's at 111. It's a nice looking number, but it's time we give him that record.

I mean, he makes stops like this one, and we're entirely thankful that he does on a shockingly routine basis, but we've got to give him a chance to make those stops to keep a clean sheet and not to just protect a reputation.

Rimando's close, and that's exciting. This home stand will be the best chance for that record to come at home, and we — and he — certainly can do it.