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A goal from the run of play? Recent struggles find RSL lacking

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

You know, it's been a while since we scored from the run of play. We talk about that a lot, but how long has it really been?

We could spend all our time talking about why it's the case, and surely, there's something to talk about there. But for my money, the answer is relatively simple: We just haven't been great. Maybe last week is indicative of a change there, and certainly, we had our metaphorical shooting boots on.

Anyway, rather than go over the reasons why we've been poor, let's just smother ourselves in the despair for a few minutes. Let's go through our recent matches and break down how our goals were scored. It'll be something.

July 12, LA Galaxy: No goals scored. Ouch.

July 4, New England Revolution: Two goals scored! Both were penalty kicks. Well, alright.

June 28, Chivas USA: We lost 1-0. Ergh.

June 7, Portland Timbers: We lost 3-1, and our goal came from a corner. While it is nice to see us get a goal from a corner, that's less than an optimal result. Significantly so.

June 4, Columbus Crew: Drew 1-1, and our goal came after a rebound from a shot taken from a — you guessed it — corner kick. Wait, I thought we were awful at these?

May 31, Seattle Sounders. The less said about this match, the better off we'll be.

May 24, FC Dallas: 0-0 draw. Yawn.

May 17, Colorado Rapids: 2-1 win and — yes — a goal from the run of play. I mean, sort of. It came from a throw-in, but there was enough action betwixt the two that I'd count it.

And hey, it was a beauty. Let's watch it.