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USL Pro to SLC? Club reportedly looking at Utah State Fairpark

Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

The ongoing saga of Real Salt Lake and USL Pro has soldiered forward, with Salt Lake Tribune reporter Aaron Falk breaking news today that RSL could be looking to Salt Lake City for a minor-league team in 2016.

The club, Falk reports is in talks with the Utah State Fairpark about building a stadium. This is somewhat a twist, because talk had largely been about launching a USL Pro team in San Diego.

It's difficult to say immediately why the tune has changed, but struggles with the general public about one stadium site in Oceanside, California, may have been death knells for the idea.

With USL Pro integration an MLS goal by 2015, Real Salt Lake is clearly moving in the right direction. But with 2016 as the new target date, some sort of collaboration with a USL Pro team would likely be necessary in 2015. Who that might be is difficult to say.