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RSL finds catching a break at a premium after poor penalty, worse giveaway

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

We just can't catch a break, can we?

Another week, another penalty decision that just, well, shouldn't have been. I mean, decide for yourself, sure.

But let's get this straight: Nat Borchers wins the ball in a clean challenge. That should be where that storyline should have ended, and another began when we started moving up the field again.

It's all a little distressing.

But also distressing was the manner in which we gave the ball away. It was beyond cheap. Chris Schuler has pushed up to win the ball, laying off a simple pass to Chris Wingert. Wingert's first-time pass inside ends right at an opponent — and from there, it's a foot race.

We dealt well with that, and yeah, the tackle was a good one. All that not withstanding, it was never a situation we should have been in.

There should be an extra degree of care taken in possession when we've pushed up that far. If we attempt a risky pass, we can balance the risk and reward. That's all fine and good and even great sometimes. It's a necessary feature of playing a possession-based game, and it's one of the few ways a team can proactively work against deepening defenses.

But when we lose the ball on a simple possession play, we'll find ourselves in trouble.

And we did.