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Olmes Garcia and his return to goalscoring exploits

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Today, we're celebrating the return of Olmes Garcia to goalscoring action, and while it seems like a distant memory, it's something that's probably burned in right now.

It's relevant because we were struggling; it's relevant because Olmes Garcia was struggling.

It was to the point of concern — his goalscoring drought had lasted over a year — and he looked less likely to score every game he played. He's turned that around, but it won't be until Wednesday that we start to get a sense of how much that turnaround has changed things.

The first goal — a towering header, a clinical goal — and palpable joy across his face — and the team's collective face. The cross in from Javier Morales was perfect, and the run from Garcia to escape his mark was even better. The header, too, was as perfect as you get.

The second, near the death of the match, started as classically as any Real Salt Lake counterattack. Kyle Beckerman won the ball in the midfield, Javier Morales picked it up from him, put his head up, saw Garcia, and played him in — and that first touch from Garcia was either inspired or accidental, but the result was undoubtedly positive.

And so it was that Olmes Garcia returned, and so it was that we had a fair bit of excitement from that match against Montreal Impact. Sure, the marking may have been poor throughout, and sure, there was a little luck involved at times, but those two goals from the Colombian striker we all hope can be something brilliant could be a turning point for the player, and a point of resonation for the team over the season.