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Three things to watch as RSL take on NYRB: Thierry Henry, BWP and Olmes Garcia

It's all about strikers today as Real Salt Lake takes on a difficult goalscoring side in New York Red Bulls.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Last match we watched for...

Can we capitalize on systemic weaknesses?

Well, well, well! That's a big yes. We systematically dismantled the Montreal Impact backline with strong movement, and it started in the first few minutes of the game.

How do we get our strikers on the scoresheet?

Ahem. Olmes Garcia, ladies and gentlemen. That is all.

Who starts in the midfield?

Luke Mulholland started in the midfield — he was the question mark — and he was actually quite good. He got on the scoresheet again and played pretty well throughout.

This match, watch for ...

Is Olmes Garcia going to come back to ground, or is his goalscoring going to proceed?

Even if he doesn't score in this game, the confidence in Olmes Garcia's play will be fascinating to watch. We saw on Thursday a player that switched attitudes pretty substantially after his first goal in over a year, and if that continues, we're in luck. Scoring tonight isn't imperative, but it wouldn't hurt.

Can the back line keep it together against the hottest striker in the league?

I never thought I'd say that about Bradley Wright-Phillips, but here we are, and here he is, and my word, look at those goals. If we can keep good track of his movement and manage the space he's allowed, we should have a good opportunity. But it's not just down to the back line, is it?

Can the defense keep Thierry Henry's assist-loving feet at bay?

This is the flip-side to the last question. We can do everything we can about Mr. Wright-Phillips himself, but if Thierry Henry is given the room he needs to operate — and it's not much — his excellent and maybe somewhat-underrated passing ability could undo all that hard work. Sure, he can score goals, but he's adjusted his veteran game and turned provider on many occasions. There's a reason he leads the league in assists.