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Player Ratings: Real Salt Lake 1-1 New York Red Bulls | Plata the brightest, Beltran committed

Plata continues to thrive this year and Beltran showed a ton of heart against New York.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 5.5 A questionable decision or two from Rimando and the inability to fix the defensive breakdowns in front of left us all wanting more from the best keeper in MLS.

Tony Beltran - 8 Beltran showed more commitment than anyone to get a win. He repeatedly won balls in nearly impossible situations and was the lone defender that was not making fatal errors.

Chris Schuler - 6 Schuler had a pretty good night defensively and helped keep Wright-Phillips at bay. He had two shots on goal that he was unable to convert, one of them being point blank that would have put the game to bed.

Nat Borchers - 6 Borchers had a decent night, not his best, but decent. The truth of the matter is that RSL only allowed one shot on goal and Borchers contributed to that. Unfortunately, there were multiple breakdowns, so they were lucky that New York did not do better finishing their chances.

Chris Wingert - 5 Wingert had an assist, yes. But Plata did the impossible with that goal so it was not really the setup that made the goal. The negative is that Wingert distribution going forward was really bad. The balls were misplaced way too often.

Kyle Beckerman - 6 Some stellar passes from Beckerman should have led to more chances for RSL. Having watched the Thierry Henry goal, I do not know who exactly to point the finger at, but Beckerman is not without fault.

Ned Grabavoy - 7 Grabavoy had a good night except for one or two poor crosses. He kept his head down and put in a good shift though and was fantastic especially on defense.

Luke Mulholland - 5.5 Mulholland had a quiet night compared to what we have been seeing. He must find a way to have a more positive effect on offense on a consistent basis, especially at home.

Javier Morales - 7 Morales could have got RSL in some serious trouble with his scuffle with Tim Cahill. His corner kicks and free kicks looked much better against New York though.

Olmes Garcia - 5.5 Garcia was playing with a lot of confidence. So much, in fact, that he was confident on a few occasions that his opposing defenders deserved yellow cards and red cards as evidenced by his exaggerated responses. The coaching staff needs to get that under control as it is not helping the team. With regard to his play, he still looks to me like he does not know how he should score goals. That comes with being a hybrid forward I suppose.

Joao Plata - 8.5 Plata was the brightest player on the field. I do not want to know where RSL would be at this point of the season without him. He has carried the team at times over the past couple of months while Saborio has been out.


Robbie Findley - 7 Findley came on very late and had a couple of headers that very well could have won the game. Unfortunately, they did not go in. Not a bad showing for only playing 10 minutes though. He gave RSL a legitimate chance to win.

Luis Gil - 6 Luis had a couple of really impressive moments but was unable to fully insert himself into the game to make a difference for the win. Something seems off, not sure what it is.