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RSL at Utah State Fairpark pushing forward; club would fund USL Pro stadium

Andrew Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake and the Utah State Fairpark seems a match made in heaven, and that the club has made a proposal that would see then fully fund a stadium at that site would seem to push this one toward coming-into-being.

KSL: RSL to make formal minor league stadium proposal to state fairpark officials

Bill Manning, RSL president, told KSL radio host Doug Wright the club is included in a master plan proposal that would see renovations at the fair site.

That stadium, as reported in the past, would house a USL Pro team, but it could reportedly also house a women's team, lacrosse, and other concerns. It would be an artificial surface stadium, which surely will cause some grief among turf-detractors.

The stadium, with an estimated cost from $12 to $15 million, would seat 8,000.

A time frame for the project and the master plan isn't immediately clear, but 2016 -- a year targeted earlier -- would seem a good bet for completion.

It's not yet been accepted, but should the proposal go through, RSL'S path to USL Pro is growing increasingly clear.