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RSL and USL Pro: What's in a name? Three suggestions for reserves identity

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Just down that interstate running through our fair city sits LA Galaxy and their reserve USL Pro outfit, LA Galaxy II. With Real Salt Lake likely to take the USL Pro approach sooner rather than later (and we're all very happy about that fact), our need for a name is coming to a head.

With that in mind, we'd like to propose some names for our very own USL Pro side. You'll note that none of them involve the number "2" or its Roman numeralized rendition.

Salt Lake FC: It's simple, elegant, and has just the right hint of eurosnobbery with the FC. Really, it's because there was a team in the 1910s just named Salt Lake, and it's sure tempting to want to use that again.

Salt Lake Golden Spikers: Another historic team, and while the name does sound a little — shall we say — hefty or outdated, it does have some nice history behind it. I mean, aside from that famous 1869 event — that's the real history — we had an ASL team in the 1970s (for almost a whole year! A real accomplishment in American soccer during that decade, you know) named just this. And where'd they play? The fairgrounds. Hmm.

Utah Highlanders: A name that was mooted for the team that became our Real Salt Lake. It's a name that has plenty of supporters that are also Real Salt Lake supporters, so that's a nice thought.

None of these are perfect suggestions, and I'm sure each of you has plenty, so I expect you to share and prove my thoughts a jumbled mess.