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Three things to watch for against Seattle Sounders: Set pieces, strikers and Javi

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

What we watched for last week

Which strikers have a fire lit under them pending the arrival of Sebastian Jaime?

Our forwards were good last week, even if Joao Plata was the only of them to score. There was good movement, generally speaking, and it made a big difference in maintaining the early lead established by Plata's magnificent head and Chris Schuler's set piece prowess.

Will Fabian Espindola play, and will he be the villain again?

Espindola did play, but he wasn't particularly villainous on Saturday, which was nice to see.

How strong will the desire for revenge be?

Well, we won 3-0 and looked fantastic throughout. I'd say that's some sort of evidence.

This week, let's watch for...

So, about this Seattle team ... can we play well against them?

We only need to ask this because the last time we played Seattle - well, let's just say it didn't go so well. Can we pick up our game against the top team in the West? If we simply play as we have been, we shouldn't find it too incredibly difficult.

Can we score from set pieces again?

Pretty please? Saturday was fantastic in this regard, and it would be delightful if we did that again. Our movement was very good last game, but it's a totally different proposition against Seattle. It's not just about pulling players out of position, but that helps.

Who starts up top?

I know we ask this most weeks, but it's been an interesting decision every week. Plata's a pretty obvious first choice, but who will be alongside him? Olmes Garcia's excelled at stretching play, but Robbie Findley's been good in the build-up. Devon Sandoval offers an option that would disrupt the middle a bit more and open space.

A bonus question: Does Javier Morales start?

Here's hoping. He missed training yesterday through unwellness and a minor hip injury — but I suspect it's a bit of mindgames from Jeff Cassar, and that Morales starts without issue.