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Real Salt Lake's under-24 corps: Who gets your top pick?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

As journalists around MLS gear up for the annual "24 Under 24" — most have been putting in their ballots now — which leaves us with a nice opportunity to think about who have been our best players under 24 years old this season.

But rather than making a list, let's see what you have. I'll list each player with a couple sentences about their play this season. To make our list here, they need to have played in at least three matches. The MLS site requires the players to be 23 years or younger by the time MLS Cup hits, so let's go with that, too.

RSL Under 24: Your options

Olmes Garcia: He's been a bit up and down this year, but he's more involved than ever in the run of play, and he's contributing well defensively. He has two goals to his name.

Luis Gil: He may have had a slightly slow start — partly because of injuries and absences — but the kid's really coming into good form. He took second place last year in these rankings.

Joao Plata: I somehow forget that Joao Plata is actually under 24. His play belies his age, and he's one of the best goalscorers in MLS in 2014.

Carlos Salcedo: Salcedo hasn't played as much as he'd like in 2014 — he's only started twice and has five appearances total — but he's looked incredible in his last few games. He can play anywhere across the back line and perhaps even at defensive midfield.

Devon Sandoval: He hasn't been productive up top, but he's been involved in some good play when he's been out there. His slow start may not be indicative of his true quality.

Sebastian Velasquez: He's been in and out of the team, playing only 118 minutes, owing in part to personal issues and inconsistent form. His play has picked up in recent weeks.

What will it be, then? Who is your top pick? What's your list look like? I'll share mine in the comments, and you should, too.