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Javier Morales to miss FC Dallas match, opening door for another Luis Gil start


Real Salt Lake will be forced to trudge forward for another match without the talismanic Javier Morales, Jeff Cassar told reporters after training today.

Well, actually, he didn't really say anything about trudging or whatnot; he just told them that Morales is out for tomorrow's match because of a hip injury. And that's a little disappointing, but it's not a huge blow.

We've been talking this week about how Luis Gil is increasingly an exciting player — and not just in potential. He's playing like a first-team player at the moment, and he's almost certainly going to get more minutes at the top of the diamond.

Which is great, really, but it's easy to be a bit bitter than he's doing it because our playmaker is out of commission for a day. Once that hip injury heals, he's likely to go back to the bench, serving as Morales's designated substitute (a term I've only made up — remarkably, it's not an MLS roster position, but one wouldn't be shocked if it was).

After a strong showing against Seattle Sounders, Gil getting more minutes bodes well. The inconsistency of youth is of course a worry, but it's nothing to fret about just yet.

Morales was at training today, and he was involved, if not fully. He should be back soon, one would think.

In other exciting news, Sebastian Jaime should be at training Monday. Maybe Morales is staying back to greet him. Maybe.