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Player ratings vs. F.C. Dallas

Not too many bright spots in a poor performace on the road.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 6.5 Two goals, sure, but he made a pretty amazing save twoards the end that gave RSL a fighting chance to possibly tie the game.

Chris Wingert - 6 I didn't think Wingert had a bad game. He was one of the more composed players on the field even if he was playing a bit high.

Chris Schuler - 6.5 It's not very often that Schuler has a mental lapse or gets beat in the air on a set piece, but both of those things happened against Dallas and It put Real Salt Lake in a tough position the rest of the game. But for that error, he was playing pretty well.

Nat Borchers - 4.5 Borchers fot beat by Pineda's speed on the second goal, it's as simple as that.  On the first goal, Borchers was not in a good position to prevent Watson from scoring either.

Tony Beltran - 5 Beltran was not nearly as  sharp as he normally is, but in fairness, neither were many of his teammates.

Kyle Beckerman - 4.5 You know things are not going well when arguably  the most consistent player on the team is having an off night. Beckerman's distribution was what stood out to me as being particularly off the mark. Usually he can thread a needle with his passing, but not last night.

Ned Grabavoy - 6.5 Grabavoy was one of the better Real players on the night, but it was a low bar. He did not look as out of it as his teammates did and it seemed like the passes that came his way were poor which made him look worse than he was actually playing.

Luke Mulholland -  4 Mulholland had possibly his worst game of the year. He looked fatigued and lacking ideas which is very uncharacteristic of him.

Luis Gil - 5.5 Gil was not playing as poorly as it seemed based on fan reaction, but he did have a big drop-off from his last two games, a sign of a young player that is still figuring out how to be a consistent difference maker. He is still on a great trajectory.

Robbie Findley - 4.5 Findley was not doing his part defensively on the second Dallas goal. Usually he is reiably giving his all on defense even if he is not scoring. Minus his header off the crossbar, his shots were way off the mark and he seemed to be lacking confidence.

Joao Plata - 4.5 Plata's service and free kicks were poor. Very poor. He was way off the mark to fit the mold of the rest of the team.


Olmes Garcia - 6 Garcia brought some energy to the game but his shots were just as off as anyone else. If we are to be honest, he wouldn't have had his goal without poor marking and a deflection, but it was a nice bicycle kick.

Sebastian Velasquez - 6 Velasquez at least had an assist and was trying to take the reins and create for his team. It was ineffective at teams, but the weren't looking like they were going to get a goal before he came on.

Devon Sandoval - N/A