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Nick Rimando walks out of Colorado tied for shutouts record

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

It took an incredible effort from eleven-then-ten men last night, but Nick Rimando walked out of that match with his hands in the metaphorical most-shutouts-ever pie — with his 112th of his career, all but 36 of which were earned with Real Salt Lake.

It took a bit of luck, too: Colorado seemed to fire everything well over the net, while Real Salt Lake spent most of the first half trying to look less like they were on rollerskates. But despite the Rapids lacking luck, they also lacked the ability to beat Rimando, an all-star in every right.

Despite looking for 45 minutes like an ultra-defensive version of teams that regularly come to Rio Tinto, Real Salt Lake walked out victors, and Rimando walked out level with Kevin Hartman having played 56 fewer games.

One more and he's the undisputed champion. It'll go nicely with his penalty-saves record, won't it?.