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Kyle Beckerman out for All-Star Game with injury, replaced with ... Liam Ridgewell?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Our very own Kyle Beckerman won't be involved in this year's, um, prestigious MLS All-Star Game, according to an MLS press release.

He sustained some sort of injury against Colorado in our 1-0 win — over-celebrating, perhaps — and as such, won't be playing. No word yet as to what the injury was.

Strangely, he's being replaced by MLS newcomer and Portland defender Liam Ridgewell, who comes in mostly out of convenience, what with the All-Star Game taking place in Portland, and Caleb Porter being a huge proponent of his playing.

It's certainly not a like-for-like replacement, and maybe it didn't have to be, but this move just seems a little bit weird anyway.

Here's hoping Kyle Beckerman heals quickly, if he's injured at all. I mean, it would be neat if he played against that pretty good German team, but maybe it would be a little selfish, given he already did so well against one German team over the summer.

We haven't forgotten about that, have we? I didn't think so.