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RSL to sign Argentine striker Sebastian Jaime, Chilean outlets report

Real Salt Lake could be set for a signing, according to various Chilean news outlets: Sebastian Jaime, Argentine striker, is reportedly on his way to Salt Lake City.

Chilean TV outlet Canal de Futbol reported that Jaime looks likely to leave Chile to the United States, with RSL being his destination. El Grafico Chile reported essentially the same thing.

The rumor -- or reports, as it were -- gained some traction in Salt Lake City fairly quickly,

Jaime, who plays at Chilean club Unión Española, is a 27-year-old Argentine-born striker with a nose for goal, and while sources on his goals are difficult to come by, Transfer Markt reports him as having scored 51 goals in 134 professional appearances.

If the move is indeed to take place, it's not clear what sort of cap space Real Salt Lake would need to free up, or indeed, what sort of contract Jaime would be on. But for a 27-year-old striker, it's easy to imagine he'd be on a substantial contract. It's not clear if he'd be a designated player, but from an at-a-glance perspective, he doesn't have the sort of pedigree that would be needed for such a sizable contract.

More to come as information becomes available. It's not a certain thing, but there's plenty of smoke and indeed a little bit of fire, if reports are to be believed.