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If RSL does sign Sebastian Jaime, what does that mean for the team?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Sebastian Jaime signing for Real Salt Lake would represent a pretty seismic shift in our team, which is particularly interesting, given it's only one player — but one player at this point could make a pretty big difference.

It's been a fair bit since Real Salt Lake signed a player that looked set for first-team minutes from the get-go. Robbie Findley in 2013 may be the closest, but his injury situation ruled him out various times near the start of his return.

It's not exactly clear where this would leave the pecking order, or if a striker would depart. But, if we're to operate under an assumption that no striker departs — a stretch, certainly, and we'll talk about that in a minute — and that, of course, Jaime joins the club, then we'd have a depth chart that probably looks like the following:

Alvaro Saborio
Joao Plata
Sebastian Jaime
Robbie Findley
Olmes Garcia
Devon Sandoval
Benji Lopez (on season-long loan)
Sebastian Saucedo (not rostered until 2015)

This really is quite deep, even if we do have some questions about the goalscoring potential of some of those players.

We've got eight players there, but two aren't available this year, and one isn't available until later this year. Still, five might be too many — maybe. Of course, if we change tactics entirely, it might be fitting, but that's anything but realistic. I mean, who plays with five strikers, right? This isn't the 1910s.

OK, but really, we're in a position where we're pretty well-loaded at forward. The only other option I see as realistic would be sacrificing a central defender — we have a fair few of those, too — Borchers, Schuler, Salcedo, Maund, Watson-Siriboe. It's more than we've had rostered in some time — but so, too, are our forwards numerous.

Our midfield's actually a little thin, and we're not well-stocked at full back. Anyone who sacrifices a third goalkeeper is insane, too, and we're certainly not that.

So really, the thing to take away here is that it's likely that somebody departs. We signed Sebastian Saucedo, and it's a sort-of one-in, one-out situation — and he's probably not going to be making a cool million or somewhere even remotely close. This gives us a frame of reference for our roster situation, and it's the same one the club's been describing from the beginning of the season.

All pointers point to a player leaving (what else would pointers do than point?), and we don't know who it would be. We could each take an educated guess, and we'd probably come up with 11 different answers.

One thing's fairly certain: It's not Joao Plata, whose scintillating (what a word, eh?) form has carried us through a difficult period.

With that, here are some Sebastian Jaime goals. Enjoy.