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Sebastian Jaime transfer saga continues with farewell letter to Union Espanola fans

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The ongoing saga of Sebastian Jaime has continued, with the Argrentine striker writing a farewell letter to supporters of Union Espanola.

Now, the transfer deadline did end yesterday — rather, the transfer registration deadline — but that doesn't mean he hasn't signed with the club. Indeed, all indications seem to be that he's a Real Salt Lake player now. Chilean reports are definitive about this fact, and his (former?) club's general manager, Johnny Ashwell Fernández, has added fuel to this fire.

Now, there's still nothing coming out of Real Salt Lake about the move, but visa issues and things of that ilk could have an effect on that. Additionally, there's still the tricky issue of salary cap space and the very real potential of an outgoing player to open space.

The text, translated by our friend Google (edit: Updated translation [again] to be a bit better, this time from our friend Chiqui Palaez. Thanks, all, for your help in this.):

My dear Hispanos of my heart: the truth is that I can hardly write this letter ... I don't know where to star, but I will try to express myself between joy and sadness

My dear Union, My dear people, and my dear fellow teammates... there isn't enough words to express all the beautiful things I lived since I January 2011 until today, but I want to tell you that since my arrival I felt very happy to be here in such a big club, a club that welcomed me the best way possible... it was 4 years we lived sadness and happiness

I take from everyone very beautiful memories that I will never forget, you will always be in my hearth. I am grateful for the love you given me and the love we share for this jersey

I hope this beautiful sport will find us again and who knows maybe even wearing this colors again. Let's go Union Española

See you later