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#JaimeWatch continues apace: What we know about our potential signing

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George Frey

The ongoing saga of the Sebastian Jaime transfer to Real Salt Lake has continued unhindered, and here we are, days after the rumors started, sitting here wondering: "When?"

And really, who can blame us. It's been a while since we had a signing to really get excited about. I mean, players like Sebastian Saucedo, Justin Glad, and Jordan Allen are all fine and good, and yeah, that's a certain sort of excitement we all feel.  But it's not the same excitement we feel about signing a first-team-ready, undoubtedly-going-to-earn-minutes-basically-immediately sort of guy.

Anyway, here's what we know about this whole blasted transfer saga.

  • Jeff Cassar did say he's seen Sebastian Jaime play, and he's spoken to Jaime himself.
  • Garth Lagerwey — and presumably Jeff Cassar — traveled to Chile on a scouting mission. The theme at the time was something long-term and not short-term, but that was perhaps the intended implication, designed to guide us away from the overt speculation we've all been enjoying since Monday.
  • Unión Española fans have been sharing their goodbyes with Jaime
  • It sounds like Jaime will be at tonight's Unión Española match. This would put his earliest departure at tomorrow, but it's at least a 15-hour flight — so we almost definitely will not be seeing him announced against DC United.
  • "We don't have a signed player" — the only definitive statement to come from RSL communications. There are plenty of obvious reasons to be pretty sure he'll end up here, but until it happens, and until all the paperwork's done, this is as good as we can hope for.
  • If a signing is completed soon — today, maybe? — it's not hard to imagine a Tuesday debut in our friendly against Xolos. It's sort of an optimal time to get some quick minutes before being eligible for first-team action.
  • We still have no clue who would depart. We discussed it on last night's Off the Crossbar (iTunesStitcherSoundcloud) and we still couldn't really come up with a definitive answer. Or, hey, if nobody departs, that's cool, too.
  • It seems that Jaime's contract expired at the end of the year, and there might be a transfer fee involved, if some tweets from Chile are to be believed. But it's nothing definitive by any stretch.
Anything you hear about announcements being today, that we're trading a certain player — that sort of thing — it's all rumor and there's probably not a lot of basis behind it. As always, remain vigilant and remain skeptical.