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Highlights from Sebastian Jaime's last Union Espanol interview

Sebastian Jaime gave his last interview to Unión Española's official website today, and thanks to the power of the internet and the kindness of strangers, we bring you a selection of highlights and the full translation of that.

I'd like to thank everyone who helped translate the interview, and especially Cameron Evans, who was quick and translated huge pieces of it himself.

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Without further ado, some highlights.


How did you come to this decision?

Translated: It's going to be four years since I arrived. At first, it wasn't easy, because those first months took me a while to adapt. It was hard to enter into a new group. The game plan was totally different than what it had been in Serena, what was asked of me by José Luis, but I believe going through these four years was to adapt myself, giving me confidence. And that's why today I see much like the people.

What's coming to your mind now as we're sitting in the stadium?

I look at the stadium (emotional) and a thousand memories come to me, thousands of tears, very hard times, but what I carry with me from here is a family, a beautiful memory that I am never going to forget. The majority of the players here I am going to miss, and one stands here and sometimes says "What is it that the Unión have that no other teams have?" It's that everyone wants to return and today I want to say the same. It pains me to leave the club, because it was four years that I was a part of this institution and for this my affection has grown a lot, I feel like the Unión were part of my life.

Does MLS seduce you because world-class figures arrive year after year?

I'm going to a club that has the same philosophy as Jose Luis, that's what surprised me most. I had the opportunity to speak with the coach and they are of the idea that the team doesn't have a single star, rather that the star is the whole team, so that is important to me, because I'm going to an institution that has the same characteristics as Union and that's very important.

What would you say to the Union fans?

For my part, I'd give them a thousand thanks for having accepted me since 2011 and having backed me when I couldn't adapt during those first month. Now I could at least give them a little happiness when I scored or when we won the championship. Finally, I'd tell all the Unión fans to keep the team in their heart.

Full interview and translation