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We got our man, but what happens next? Living in a post-#JaimeWatch world

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

For a solid week (or perhaps slightly less than that) we sat around searching "Sebastian Jaime," "Seba Jaime" and "@sebajaime09" on Twitter for about 24 hours each of those days.

Well, that's over, and now we're living in the aforementioned "post-#JaimeWatch" world, which is exciting and fun and invigorating, but until this kid (a 27-year-old kid) plays minutes for the club, there's a little bit of anxiety creeping in. This is partly because we just don't know what's going to happen to our roster — and we can be relatively certain somebody will move.

It's no secret that we've got a pretty jam-packed roster, and we're going to have to move a player for compliance reasons. There's every reason to worry about that, but there could be situations that are more or less devastating than others.

Scenario one: We dump a forward

This seems the most intuitive scenario. We have now eight forwards on the books, although one doesn't start until 2015 (Sebastian Saucedo), and one is off on loan (Benji Lopez.) With those two out of the picture, that leaves us with six, but a further striker is out for most (but not all! Unless we miss the playoffs. Then we've really done ourselves in.) of the season. That leaves us with Joao Plata, Robbie Findley, Olmes Garcia, and Devon Sandoval alongside Sebastian Jaime.

Now, let's accept that we're not likely to trade Saucedo, Saborio, or Plata — Saucedo's just arrived, and the other two are vital down the stretch. This leaves Findley, Garcia, and Sandoval as potential victims of this scenario.

But Garth Lagerwey actively threw a wrench into any of those three players departing in yesterday's interview on ESPN 700 — or really, any first-team forward departure. He spoke specifically about Jaime playing alongside Saborio, but he also mentioned Findley, Garcia, Sandoval and Plata as "in the mix" going forward and that he hoped they'd be with us long-term — now, what that means is difficult to pinpoint.

Scenario two: We dump a defender

This seems like the second-most intuitive scenario, so I've called it "scenario two." Right? Right. We have a lot of central defenders, and that makes things a little interesting in this regard. We've got Nat Borchers and Chris Schuler. Neither is going anywhere — and with good reason.

But beyond those two, we have Aaron "red card or maybe penalty, and probably unjust at that!" Maund, Carlos Salcedo, and Kwame Watson-Siriboe. Long-term, we have Justen Glad, who might be able to play there as well. Short-term, we have Chris Wingert, who can perform spot-duty in the middle, and Rich Balchan, who, if he ever isn't injured, might be a good central defender. Maybe.

I don't know if this is what happens, but it seems reasonable.

Scenario three: We dump a midfielder

This seems the least likely, because we're a bit more thin here. Obviously, we're not getting rid of Kyle Beckerman or Javier Morales, both of whom are among the best in MLS — age not a consideration. We're also not likely to get rid of Ned Grabavoy, who has been consistent over the past few years and is an important player in the outside-of-the-diamond role.

We're also unlikely to dump Luke Mulholland, who has been a pleasant surprise coming in this year. Nor are we likely to cut ties with Jordan Allen, who is an immense talent despite being out for the season.

But the rest could be acceptable options — Cole Grossman, John Stertzer, Luis Gil, and Sebastian Velasquez. But while it's fine and good to think of them as options to cut, removing one leaves us in a difficult position. We have eight (nine if you count Allen) midfielders on the roster, and going to seven gives us increasingly little room for rotation or adjustment.

Scenario four: We dump a goalkeeper

Yeah, that's not going to happen.