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RSL sweep Colorado Rapids, win 5-1 in lopsided affair

RSL looked dangerous all might long and earned an emphatic win.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake looked as dangerous as the ever have with multiple chances to score throughout.

Even though Colorado was able to get the first goal of the match, RSL countered with extreme prejudice and scored three goals in five minutes in which Sebastian Jaime got his first start in MLS and his first goal to go with it.

Colorado scrambled a ball towards the end of the first half and RSL got four goals in what felt like no time at all.

The second half was a bit more slow paced as Cassar made a couple of substitutions to give a couple of players some rest.

Colorado could not keep the ball on frame with their chances and they looked discombobulated on the defensive side.

Rapids goalkeeper Joe Nasco lost the ball on the box around the 65th minute and the confident Carlos Salcedo put it away with poise. The game stayed that way and Salt Lake won in a lopsided affair.