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Plata, Morales goals deserve recognition, and goal of the week can't do enough

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Voting for goal of the week is a sham.

Not a real sham — I mean, the voting is a real, not rigged, I suspect. And generally, it's a really good goal that wins. It's just that when we watch a match like Friday's — when Real Salt Lake won 5-1 over Colorado Rapids — with two of the best goals we've seen all season, we're stuck having to choose when maybe we shouldn't have to.

And while we don't yet know what the goals to choose from on the league site will be, it's increasingly difficult to imagine that they won't both be involved.

So today, let's not care about splitting the votes. Both goals were brilliant, and if neither wins because the vote's been split, it's just what happens. Some people will vote for the Javier Morales olimpico with its slight deflection taking it into the back of the net; others will vote for the clean, sumptuous team goal from the foot of Joao Plata.

Both of these goals deserve recognition. Both of these goals deserve to be watched over and over again. And there's something beautiful about that.