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On Carlos Salcedo, first MLS goalscorer from RSL-AZ, and academy milestones

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Since we introduced Carlos Salcedo to the first team, he's been setting records left and right.

It's not that he's had these records to break — but that he's been pushing forward on new ground for players who have come from the academy. While we're busy focused on the transition from the academy to the first team and how we need USL Pro between to bridge the gap, Salcedo's been the player forging a path without any intervening steps.

His goal on Friday wasn't the most spectacular, but it wasn't the style of goal, nor was it the scoreline, that really mattered. What mattered was that we finally had an academy player scoring a goal for us. It'll be the first of many, I'm sure, but that he is a defender makes it all the more interesting.

Salcedo has consistently been given time with the Mexico U-21s, and that speaks highly of his quality. He's been a reliable player coming off the bench, and he's been good in the rare start he's been given this season. He may only have seven appearances in 2014, and he may not get terribly many more this season. But he's shown himself to be an important part of this team, and an important part of our depth.

Let's just take a minute to celebrate this academy milestone. Let's hope this isn't a record that sits for long — more goals from academy graduates is nothing but a good thing — but until it's broken, it's hard to think of a player who deserves it more than the hard-working Salcedo.