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Three things to watch against Vancouver Whitecaps: Rest and injuries, Jaime, and Vancouver's young corps

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Last match, we watched for...

How does our defense look without Nat Borchers?

RSL looked fine without Borchers, but perhaps it's a special case that makes it hard to evaluate. After all, three goals in five minutes just gutted Colorado, and there wasn't much attacking threat from them following the collapse. Still, Carlos Salcedo stepped in well and even scored a goal, so it's not like he had a poor performance.

How open is the game?

Incredibly. 5-1? That doesn't come from a closed-up game. Colorado looked miserable.

The question we ask every week: Who plays up top?

Jaime and Plata. Simple. The two combined incredibly well; Plata was dangerous throughout and scored a brilliant goal, and Jaime showed more than just promise — he showed actuated potential. Against more difficult opponents, it could be a different story, but the signs are exceedingly positive.

This match, let's watch for ...

Who rests or sits out injured?

Jeff Cassar hinted at changes to the lineup, and with injuries or slight knocks to Tony Beltran and Chris Schuler, perhaps there's a chance here to not force them into a predicament that could lead to longer-term injury problems. While it's no time to drop points, it's equally no time to risk your players for the offseason. It's hard to say if anybody does sit out, but it certainly wouldn't be any reason to panic.

Does Jaime impress on the road?

Road matches are a test for new players, given there exists a general propensity for all players to perform better when playing at home. Of course, him playing well on the road is dependent on him starting, but it would be hard to drop him on the back of the last match.

Can RSL remain resolute against a young, promising attacking group?

You'd hope the answer to this one was a clear 'yes', obviously, but it won't be so easy. We know Vancouver Whitecaps have a good young outcropping of players, and it's not always easy to play against those sorts when they're at home. Setting a resolute tone early will be important, but don't ask me how in the world you set that. (That's why Jeff Cassar is paid the big bucks.)