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When will we see Saborio again? It won't be long with the striker in training

Mitchell Leff

May 29 was a miserable day. Alvaro Saborio suffered a fracture to his fifth metatarsal. He was to be out an estimated three months, and he missed the World Cup.

It was a blow for him, a blow for his World Cup hopes, and maybe a blow to Costa Rica's World Cup hopes. (Although, let's be honest, Costa Rica did better than nearly anybody expected, and it's not entirely clear that Saborio would have pushed them beyond that — but it wouldn't have hurt to have him around.)

The estimates for Saborio's absence at that time focused on a three-month timeline, although strict deadlines were certainly not set. Three months after that? August 29.

Yesterday, Sept. 2, Jeff Cassar told the ever-inimitable Bill Riley that Alvaro Saborio is now day-to-day, where he was recently week-to-week. He's participating in training regularly now, and it sounds like he's getting closer to full participation.

When, then, can we expect him back? Here are three options that might prove realistic.

September 6, home to FC Dallas: This one's a huge stretch. It would seem unwise to take a risk on Saborio so soon, but if he's ready, maybe he makes the bench. Would he be ready to play? That's the big question. If anyone ever needed just to be fit and not be involved in training much, it's Saborio.

September 12, at Seattle Sounders: Something something turf? That's the sticking point initially in my mind. He'd be useful, but there might be some reluctancy about his first appearance being on turf.

September 19, home to Colorado Rapids: What better time to return than against a team you've been historically great against, our chief rival? We're circling this one on our calendar.