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Sebastian Jaime's first appearance yields promise but provides room for striker to mesh

Matt Montgomery

We waited so, so long for the moment, and it came last night in the 67th minute. Sebastian Jaime, the man we just haven't been able to stop talking about since rumors started bubbling up that we'd be signing him, made his Real Salt Lake debut.

It was an occasion somewhat overshadowed by the return of Alvaro Saborio and an ensuing goal in the first 15 seconds of his post-injury MLS play, but it was a notable event all the same.

The first thing we noticed, though: Jaime's not quite on the same page as the rest of the team. Now, let's not ignore the fact that we didn't really control the game after going ahead with that Saborio goal. We've yet to see Jaime in a situation where RSL is building much in the attack, but we did have a few moments where we can start to get a sense of him as a player.

There's no criticism here in his performance from me. He presented a dangerous option, but it's no surprise that he'll need time to adjust to this team.

Without too much further ado, here's a set of ‘exhibits' (moving pictures) that serve to illustrate his first game with us. It might tell us something about the way in which he plays.

Exhibit A: A little flick

This was a nice moment. Luke Mulholland has overrun the play, which is unfortunate, because it was a well-touched ball from Jaime. This was almost certainly a case of a lack of familiarity across the board.

Exhibit B: Header on a defensive corner

This one doesn't say anything, really, about his attacking play. But it does give a sense of his awareness, and it was an important header on the corner that shepherded us out of danger.

Exhibit C: Header on a defensive corner, again

There was a little hesitation from several players here, but he did well to recover from that and just get a touch on the ball.

Exhibit D: Shot from distance:

There's a bit of power behind this one, particular for the distance from which Jaime struck it. Being willing to take a shot there

Exhibit E: Run down left side and corner

Exhibit F: Flick-on header into space

You can see a couple things here. The biggest, for me, are that he gets a good flick on the ball here, and that it's a targeted flick. We can also see that he's been playing with wingers for the past few years, because that's exactly the place you'd want a winger running onto the ball.