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Player Ratings: RSL beats FC Dallas 2-1, Saborio works wonders

The defense excelled and Sabo was miraculous against FC Dallas.

Jim Urquhart-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 6.5 It's a funny thing when Rimando doesn't make an impossible and I feel bad giving him a score lower than a seven. He had a solid night, but when he does not show himself to be on par with Superman, his score drops a bit. It's unfair, really.

Chris Wingert - 7 I haven't seen Wingert get into the attack that much for a long time, maybe ever. He was positionally great as well.

Chris Schuler - 7.5 Schuler, in my mind, is one of the keys to RSL's success. When he plays, RSL just ends up with better results. He showed that again against Dallas.

Nat Borchers - 6.5 Borchers got beat a couple times by Fabian Castillo's speed, but he learned his lessons quickly and gave the proper amount of space as time went on.

Tony Beltran - 7 Tony was key in RSL's possession of the ball. He is a consistent performer.

Kyle Beckerman - 8 Beckerman bounced back from a sub-par game against San Jose and looked like the World Cup caliber player we are used to. He was breaking up play after play and then setting his teammates up with good looks on the ball.

Ned Grabavoy - 7 Grabavoy is unlucky to not have another goal. He has been in great spots to score and does all the dirty work game in and game out.

Luke Mulholland - 7.5 Mulholland's creativity really helps RSL, especially at home. He also puts in the work to win the ball and plays well defensively. Are we looking at MLS newcomer of the year? He probably doesn't have the name recognition, but who else has come into the league and done as well?

Javier Morales - 7.5 Morales was leading the attacking charge with precision passes and tons of fantastic movement into the right spaces.

Olmes Garcia - 6.5 Garcia is playing confidently, but is still trying to figure out how to consistently get good shots off.

Robbie Findley - 7.5 This was definitely one of Findley's best showings of the year. He had a couple great scoring chances, and he put away one of them which should give him confidence going forward. He was also a great contributor in helping RSL keep the ball.


Luis Gil - 6 Gil had a relatively quiet showing having come on pretty late in the game, but he contributed well on the defensive side.

Sebastian Jaime - 7 Jaime debuted for RSL and he looked pretty comfortable. He was in good spots and very well could have had a goal if not for a tackle from behind. An exciting first showing to be sure.

Alvaro Saborio - 8 What are the odds of a guy scoring in that fashion? What kind of quality does Sabo have if he can come on after a four month absence and get a goal from a precisely placed header on his first touch? I think Saborio is the most underrated forward in MLS. We have missed his quality over the past few months and his return is going to fortify RSL's attack. Incredible moment from Sabo.