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Sun-Sentinel confirms Brazilian midfielder Pecka coming to RSL, awaiting visa

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Pecka, a Brazilian midfielder who has been playing with Ft. Lauderdale Strikers since 2011, is set to join Real Salt Lake, according to a Sun-Sentinel report that confirms earlier reports from Sports Illustrated reporter Liviu Bird, as reported on RSL Soapbox in December.

According to Real Salt Lake communications, Pecka is awaiting receipt of his visa before he can join the club officially.

We expressed our excitement about the player potentially joining shortly after. Pecka largely plays as a defensive midfielder but is capable of plying his trade further forward, too. He might be a perfect player for Real Salt Lake's diamond.

The Sun-Sentinel report includes confirmation from two anonymous sources obtained at the MLS Combine taking place near Ft. Lauderdale, where the paper's reporting focuses.

We're delighted that the reports from last month have shaken out positively: Pecka seems like he could be a great addition to Real Salt Lake's midfield. He'd fit well in the system and worked under former Strikers coach and currently Real Salt Lake assistant Daryl Shore.