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Monday Roundup: Signings galore, international controversy, departures, and schedules

Did you miss something? Forget to check the news every few hours? Have a particularly busy week? Every Monday, we'll walk you through everything that happened the week before, how everything fits together, and what to expect in the coming week.

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Hey, everybody. Last week was a busy one, and we don't want you to feel left in the dust — and every week from here on out will probably be busier. Real Salt Lake have 19 rostered players, but plenty more are on their way.

Last week

Let's start with signings. On Saturday, the club confirmed to us that center back Phanuel Kavita would be joining as he graduates from Clemson. He's a center back who did time with the academy and joins us outside of the draft as a homegrown player. RSL knowledge-haver @kirsoccer told us that one departed RSL staffer told him Kavita was better than Salcedo. We won't complain if he is.

Also on Saturday — it was a busy day! — the Sun-Sentinel continued the Pecka-to-RSL rumblings, and that one's at the visa stage. Expect him to arrive soon.

Moving to internationalsNick Rimando and Luis Gil were named to Jurgen Klinsmann's January camp, but Chris Schuler wasn't, and we're not happy about it. Kyle Beckerman could have gone, but he opted to stay with Real Salt Lake as we prep for a new season. I think I like him.

Our 2015 schedule was released as well, and if you want the lowdown on all of that, check out our stream on the schedule.

Our week had two departures, too. First on the docket: Carlos Salcedo, who completed his move to Chivas. He subsequently angered some Chivas supporters who were unhappy at his past tweets proclaiming his love for Club America. Whoops. We've got everything in our stream.

Cole Grossman left the club, too, opting to join Bob Bradley's Stabaek. It's a magnificent opportunity for the player, and we can't be angry about it.

Rounding up club news, Tyrone Marshall, former Rapid, Sounder and ... Galaxian(?) joins the club as an assistant coach.

This week

There will be plenty to pay attention to this week. The 2015 MLS SuperDraft takes place on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. MST. We'll have you covered on that, including day-of coverage breaking down our first-round pick. As a reminder, we have no second-round pick: We gave that one up to get Joao Plata.

Remember that we have some signings coming our way, too. We don't know when they'll officially be added to the roster, but in case you feel like panicking: Demar Phillips (left back), Phanuel Kavita (center back), and Pecka (midfield) are all joining. Aaron Maund (center back) could be on his way back, too.