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2015 MLS SuperDraft recap: Okwuonu joins; RSL-Seattle trade sees both teams happy

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 MLS SuperDraft was always destined to be a slightly weird affair, and today's proceedings fulfilled expectations with nary a hitch. There were more timeouts than had been taken in a single round, a Generation Adidas player went to the second round, and the longest sequence of picks before the first trade of the draft was reached.

All this, and Real Salt Lake gave up their first-round pick for a second-round pick and some allocation money. SB Nation MLS editor Jeremiah Oshan (who also is an editor at SB Nation's Seattle blog Sounder at Heart) reported that allocation amount was somewhere just under $100,000, which is actually pretty fantastic.

And so it was that Real Salt Lake gave up their pick to drop 11 spots — from 16th to 27th, and by the time the draft rolled back around to us, a player we wanted was still there. Boyd Okwuonu, a defender from University of North Carolina, got our nod, and it sounds like Craig Waibel thinks he could be a suitable right back for the club — but that it's more important to give him the opportunity to develop. It's a need the club has, a right back, and it'll be fun to watch it develop.

So we give up some certainty about the player we picked, but Waibel also expressed that he'd be comfortable with Okwuonu at that original 16th spot, too. A player everyone suddenly became desperate for us to sign, Cristian Roldan, was Seattle's prime target, and from that point after New York City FC didn't select him — as was widely expected in mock drafts — Garth Lagerwey was sent on a mission to get a draft pick from some other poor team. You see, Seattle didn't have one particularly early, and they really wanted this Roldan kid: He was a University of Washington graduate and highly rated by most who'd watched him.

So off they went to find a team, and wouldn't you just know it, but the only team that was willing to trade their pick was Real Salt Lake. They gave us allocation money, and $100,000 is nothing to be sniffed at. Nat Borchers was reported to have cost $150,000 for Portland Timbers, and he is a veteran MLS-level defender. At this point, Roldan is nothing but unactuated potential for Seattle Sounders. Either they're incredibly confident that he will be a very good MLS player in short order, or Real Salt Lake just got a steal of a deal. Really, the truth is certainly somewhere betwixt the two.

So that's the draft. The Supplemental Draft takes place on Tuesday, and Real Salt Lake have two more picks with which they might try to find a diamond in the rough.