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2015 RSL Resolutions: Get stronger on the road

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

As Randal discussed in yesterday's "Don't give up the lead" resolution, it's important for Real Salt Lake to stop conceding late goals. I agree, and I'd add one more target there.

Of our eight losses in 2014, seven of them came on the road. While that does say some good things about our home record, improving our road performances is something we'll want to work toward.

The matches where we definitely can improve on the road are ones where we concede late, unsurprisingly enough. Of our late concessions, I've pinpointed five matches in which we dropped the lead after the 75th minute — that's a lot.

March 15, San Jose away: Led 3-1 going into the second half, drew 3-3 after 75th and 95th minute goals.

April 12, Philadelphia away: Led 2-1 after an 85th minute Kyle Beckerman goal, drew 2-2 after a 90th minute Maurice Edu goal.

April 26, Vancouver away: Led 2-0 after 9 minutes, drew 2-2 after goals in the 86th and 94th minutes.

June 4, Columbus Crew away: Led 1-0 after the 56th minute, drew 1-1 in the 88th minute.

Sept. 12, Seattle away: Drew 2-2 in the 50th minute, lost 3-2 in the 94th minute.

Still, maybe we're not as bad off as we might think. As an additional point of comparison, 2010 is the only year in which we did better in pure loss count, when we had a very remarkable four. So for all the desire to improve in this regard, maybe it's worth remembering that we were better than (almost) ever.

But imagine if we were better in those games. Instead of being a 2013-level season (with a worse playoff run), winning a few more of those away games — or tying, even — would've given us a 2010-level campaign. Maybe enough for a genuine Supporters Shield run. I know we'd all like that, wouldn't we?