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Liverpool hoping for academy prospect Brooks Lennon, but he should sign with RSL instead

Brooks Lennon is one of those players. I'm not sure which. This, I believe, is from 2013.
Brooks Lennon is one of those players. I'm not sure which. This, I believe, is from 2013.
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According to a "report" from the Daily Mail, Real Salt Lake academy player Brooks Lennon — who it turns out is really, really good and playing somewhat regularly for the U.S. U-18s — might be set for a Liverpool pick-up, should an application for a work permit succeed.

Lennon has played with Liverpool's youth setups before, and he's gone on tour with them and done actually pretty well. If you'd like to read that Daily Mail "report," go ahead, but to be honest, it's literally three short sentences about the player that don't actually source anything, a picture of Brendan Rodgers, and then a picture with a caption of another player about another story.

Anyway, all that side, it's been well-known that Lennon could end up at Liverpool. And maybe it would work out, but work permits in England can be notoriously hard for unestablished internationals to pick up. He might qualify for an exceptional talent visa, but that's kind of a gamble. Still, he could end up at Liverpool.

But because we're selfish, we'd rather he ended up at Real Salt Lake. He's a supremely talented wide player, and he scores goals with reckless abandon. He's scored 10 goals in 13 games, which matches him with teammate Edgar Duran and places him one behind standout Damian German.

We'll see if he does end up playing for Liverpool at some point in his career, whether it's as a youth player in short order, or as a senior team player after playing ten seasons for Real Salt Lake and moving at the prime of his career. We can dream, can't we?