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RSL's four best 3rd and 4th round MLS Draft picks

Today at noon, the third and fourth rounds of the 2015 MLS SuperDraft will commence. We'll have the details for you once that happens, but for now, let's talk about our best-ever third and fourth round picks.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Chris Schuler (2010)

Schuler is easily one of Real Salt Lake's best draft picks, and he's definitely the best third-round pick we've ever made. Despite not finding time easy to come by in his first year, his second year (2011) saw him as RSL's backup left back, and in 2012, he started to find the ropes a bit. 2013 and 2014 rocketed him to the top of RSL's defensive considerations, and there he stays to this day.

Ryan Johnson (2006)

Real Salt Lake was the first of five MLS teams Johnson called home. After he was drafted in 2006, though, he failed to catch on, and in July of that year, Chicago Fire acquired him in exchange for Jack Stewart, a defender who played 25 matches for the club. He's since continued his journeyman career, rarely settling down for long. He's now playing in Korea for Seoul E-Land FC, coached by Martin Rennie, formerly of Vancouver Whitecaps and others.

Jeff Attinella (2011)

Attinella isn't the top player, but he's probably our second-best third-round (or later) pick. He wasn't deemed good enough to earn a contract that year, but we did bring him back (obviously enough) in 2013, and he's since been a reliable backup for the irreplaceable Nick Rimando. We like him here and we hope he stays.

Emiliano Bonfigli (2012)

Maybe this is a clear indicator that we're stretching here, but 2012 pick Emiliano Bonfigli, a lanky Argentine striker who didn't go through the college system at all, as was the case in that year's Supplemental Draft. Other non-college highlights that year included an Englishman who didn't sign for Seattle Sounders (unlike Andy Rose, who we picked in the third round and traded to them immediately for a player's rights — and we didn't sign him, either) and a Mexican who played most recently at that point for Cruz Azul.

Bonfigli, though? He scored a goal early in the 2012 campaign against Dallas and didn't play terribly much after that.

And there you have it: Four of our best picks in the third and fourth rounds of the MLS Draft. Hey — two of them are pretty great, so there's that at least.