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Luis Gil is Real Salt Lake's new number 10, and we're excited

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Luis Gil will wear the most heavily vaunted number in soccer for Real Salt Lake in 2015.

Yes, that number 10 — the same number that's defined by the players that have worn it. It's not about the names, but the positional responsibilities. It's given popularly to the playmaker or attacking midfielder that leads the team week-in, week-out, and that, for us, could be Gil.

That new number doesn't mean that he's automatically going to supplant Javier Morales (in fact, 54 percent of respondents in our wildly unscientific poll earlier this week think he won't, with 48 percent of all voters thinking there's room for the both of them right now), and it doesn't mean he's going to magically live up to every bit of potential that's been thrust upon him.

Creative, attacking players the world over, when given the number 10 shirt, speak of the honor of being given the number. When it's a striker, it's a little different, and when it's a defender, it's even more the case. But the playmaker, the creative force — for those players, it's something indescribable.

Obviously, Gil taking the number 10 doesn't mean everything's hunky-dory, that he'll never have to fight for a spot again, and it certainly doesn't mean that he'll be with Real Salt Lake forever. But you'll certainly excuse us for getting a little excited about this one, I suspect.

Gil replaces Robbie Findley as the wearer of the team's number 10.