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Cassar: Luis Gil wearing #10 means more responsibility in 2015

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

As revealed yesterday, Luis Gil will be wearing the number 10 shirt in 2015 for Real Salt Lake. With that, RSL coach Jeff Cassar is hoping it can be invigorating for Gil, a young creative midfielder who has been with Real Salt Lake since 2010.

"He's an attacking-minded midfielder, and why not?" Cassar told reporters on Thursday. "It's exciting, it's new, it can give him a little bit of a breath of fresh air and he deserves it."

With that new number, there's some implicit responsibility for Gil. Cassar recognizes that fact.

"When you put that jersey on, there's some responsibility that comes with that," he said. "Hopefully he grabs that and runs with it."

That responsibility, Cassar said, is about consistency — and more than just playing with consistent quality on the field.

"I think it's just about being an impactful player all the time," Cassar said. "In the locker room, on the field, after games, taking care of yourself, everything. It's about taking that next step, and I think he's ready for it."

Gil isn't the first central playmaker to wear 10 for Real Salt Lake, despite it most recently having been worn by forward Robbie Findley. For a short time after arriving at Real Salt Lake, Javier Morales wore the number 10 kit before moving to the number 11 he's kept since 2008.

Gil is currently away with the United States national team.