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Why we're excited about RSL's new TV deal

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake's new TV deal with KMYU and involving syndication across the Intermountain West gives us plenty of reasons to be excited, not least of which is our presence in a significantly broader area.

Small market woebegone, be gone

As we look at the future of Real Salt Lake, it needn't be confined to the 'small market' thoughts — at least not for now. We'll increase our reach to about 4.5 million homes, with about 3.7 million homes being added (as per 2014-2015 Nielsen DBA ranks.)

Academy influence is part of the plan

"We will want to work with the elite soccer clubs and bring our training to those and sponsorship," RSL owner Dell Loy Hansen said yesterday on KUTV. "We want to have that Real brand and training in each of those markets."

Now, it's hard to say how it plays out. We have a great influence already in the Phoenix-Tucson area with the Casa Grande academy, but having first-team matches actually broadcast won't hurt at all. In fact, it might help spread the presence and thought behind the academy — especially if they start seeing Arizona-natives like Justen Glad on the pitch.

Over-the-air HD continues

Any deal that saw us lose over-the-air coverage or HD broadcasting would have been a very significant step down. While we aren't on the big CBS, we have a dedicated home that all of Utah should have access to. While the KTVX deal was positive, and they were a good partner for us, especially with how dedicated some of their coverage was to the club, not having to bounce channels — "Is it on 4 or 30?" — is a good thing.