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Highlights from Jamison Olave Q&A at RSL open house

George Frey/Getty Images

Jamison Olave spoke to a gathered crowd at last weekend's Real Salt Lake open house at Rio Tinto Stadium. He spoke about coming home to Salt Lake City, Champions League, and even the Olmes Garcia incident.

We've got some highlights from that here, but as always, the full video is better.

On coming home

"I was so happy to come back to home. I can call this stadium and this city home. So, I spoke with my wife about it, and she got happy too, because we love this city."

On playing against RSL while with NYRB

"When I came here to play against Real Salt Lake in a Red Bulls jersey, that's many, many feelings. That's happy to be here, sad to be playing against my old friends, but I had to professional, so I played hard like always I did with Real Salt Lake, tried to win. In that way, I knew I can come back to Utah."

On the Olmes Garcia incident

"I saw him yesterday, but that happened on the field. That was a bad reaction at that moment, I want to apologize for that. But that happened on the field, that's staying on the field."

On CONCACAF Champions League

"We can see now this second chance, because we were really close in 2010 (and 2011), we lost the final. We have a second chance, we have to do our best job. For sure, every player in Salt Lake will want to win that tournament."