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2015 RSL Resolutions: Do better in the US Open Cup. A lot better.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

It's still the first week of January, so we're allowed to continue making resolutions, right? If so, here's another: Let's do better in the US Open Cup. And by better, I mean — let's not crash out in the first round. And if we can, let's win the whole thing.

If you remember 2014's US Open Cup "run" — in which we crashed out to Atlanta Silverbacks in the fourth round (the first round in which MLS clubs play) — you probably would rather you didn't. Robbie Findley scored our one goal, but aside from that, nothing good happened that day. Or at least in that match. Maybe you had a good day and didn't tell me about it.

If you want to re-live that moment, go ahead and watch it. But don't say I didn't warn you: We were awful, in case you don't remember. When Atlanta Silverbacks scored right at the edge of time, the only surprising part was that it took them so long to take the lead. We fully deserved that loss.

So here's our resolution: Don't let that happen again. In a knockout tournament, playing like you've been fed very heavy stones (probably not lead as it's poisonous) and you've never defended in your career — really, ever — well, let's just avoid that.

A year more like 2013 would be good, but we played with fire an awful lot in that year, too. And then we lost to DC United, who didn't play at all well.

I guess the point is really just to play better, and if that's what it takes to win (and it usually is), let's do that, too.