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MLS demanding $1m for Carlos Salcedo, Univision says

Univision, Fox and ESPN all emerged with reports on Carlos Salcedo in the last few hours, with a seven-figure transfer fee being demanded for the services of the central defender.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Univision is reporting that MLS is asking for at least $1 million from Chivas for the transfer of Carlos Salcedo, which Chivas is not willing to pay. That article also states that Salcedo will present his case to FIFA - that his contract is either invalid or the option year is invalid or perhaps both, as reported earlier today - and that he'll be represented by the lawyer who represented Camilo during his Vancouver case. The article also mentions Camilo winning that case, but that fiasco actually ended with Queretaro, with whom Camilo signed, paying a $2 million transfer fee for his services.

Eric Gomez, chief editor for Fox Deportes, reported that Real Salt Lake is asking FIFA to intervene in the proceedings, stating that the club wants an academy fee. That dispute is probably down to the training compensation laid out in FIFA's Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players. Chivas is saying that payment should go to MLS, but it's hard to say what the details are in the matter at this point. Chivas is arguing that it's an academy compensation, and that because Real Salt Lake's academy is not in the league proper (given the nature of the connection between the two) that no payment should be made. That training compensation fee doesn't deal with academies, however, so it's possible it's a different sort of dispute Chivas is engaging in.

Finally, Gomez reports that Chivas doesn't want to pay the "hefty fee" Real Salt Lake is asking for, and that Anderlecht is also interested in Salcedo's services.

Carlos Salcedo's father spoke to ESPN Deportes, stating that negotiations with Chivas are in an advanced state. He also told the outlet that the move wasn't economically driven but instead a Salcedo (the player) was making a decision that will benefit his career.

Gustavo Palacios, Mexican sports reporter, said that Chivas coach Chepo de la Torre has said that there won't be an announcement until proceedings are officially completed.

That rounds up the latest news on the matter. This one only appears to be escalating, and with the news drop from last night continuing, it's easy to assume that perhaps somebody in Carlos Salcedo's camp or Chivas has a vested interest in news from only one side of the argument coming to light.