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Carlos Salcedo move official: Chivas, MLS reach an agreement

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Chivas announced today that they have successfully purchased the rights to former Real Salt Lake player Carlos Salcedo after successfully concluding negotiations with Major League Soccer, according to a press release from Chivas.

Real Salt Lake technical director Craig Waibel confirmed the transaction to Salt Lake Tribune reporter Chris Kamrani shortly after.

This should end the brinksmanship that has been played out by Carlos Salcedo's representation in the last few days, in which they threatened going to FIFA with their claims that MLS contracts are invalid.

This does nothing to prove the invalidity of those contracts or the unilateral option years, which Salcedo's representation had said were also invalid. Salcedo, in November, asked Real Salt Lake to not exercise the option on his contract, but the club did, as was their right under contract.

Don't anticipate too much more being added to this story. Salcedo got what he wanted — a move to Chivas — and MLS and Real Salt Lake got something, it would seem.

RSL technical director Waibel had previously stated that the club would remain firm in their demands for a transfer fee. This may have also included a demand for training compensation, as was reported today by Mexican media.