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RSL to appear in at least 8 nationally broadcast matches — more than ever, at least

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

After clamoring year-after-year for more nationally broadcast matches, Real Salt Lake have their highest count ever (probably): Eight.

It's not substantial compared to some other teams, but it's still an improvement for us. In 2014, we featured in seven national TV regular season matches (the playoffs added a few more). In 2013, we were in a very dismal three, as we were in 2012.

So it's nice that we've got this going for us now. It's not the most respect, but it's still something better.

Of note: Two of those matches are against Colorado Rapids, and one of those is on Fox Sports 2, which few people can even receive. That match is also on Fox Deportes, as are all other Fox matches. Sporting KC v. RSL is on the national docket twice, which should be a scintillating affair. And last but not least, three matches are against San Jose Earthquakes, which is a little funny to us, but hey — a match is a match.

Flex scheduling at the end of the season could see RSL appear in more, but that remains to be seen.

March 29: RSL v. Toronto, Fox Sports 1

April 5: San Jose v. RSL, ESPN 2

May 1: RSL v. San Jose, UDN

June 7: RSL v. Colorado Rapids, ESPNEWS

June 21: RSL v. Sporting KC, Fox Sports 1

July 12: Colorado v. RSL, Fox Sports 2

July 24: RSL v. Sporting KC, UniMas

September 27: San Jose v. RSL, Fox Sports 1