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Breaking down RSL's positional needs ahead of the 2015 MLS SuperDraft

As we lurch toward the 2015 MLS SuperDraft in a week, we've been thinking about the sorts of players we could use at Real Salt Lake. The previous administration extolled the virtues of making their picks of the best players available, and that's not likely to change, but we'll probably also be keeping in mind the sorts of players we need.

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With that being said, we've made some judgment calls that the team is welcome to look and laugh at as they make their picks. But hey, maybe we're not so wrong about this.

Not goalkeeper

I mean, really, absolutely not goalkeeper. We have two excellent tested options in Nick Rimando (the best goalkeeper in the league, if you ask us, which you didn't) and Jeff Attinella (maybe the best backup in the league), as well as Lalo Fernandez, who has yet to play a senior game.

So yeah. Let's not draft a goalkeeper. We're fine.


Well, that sort of depends on the signings planned for the team. If we re-sign Aaron Maund, that leaves us with three center backs. That's not enough, and while perhaps one more will be coming in short order, it wouldn't hurt to start looking at some long-term players.

Also, we need full backs. Abdoulie Mansally and Tony Beltran, as much praise as we give them, are only two players, and unless we're switching to some no-defending system (we better not be doing that), we'll land ourselves in a heap of trouble if we start the season with just the two of them. We do have Demar Phillips coming, of course, to play on the left -- but a right-sided backup outside of Jordan Allen, or perhaps a backup that could deputize on either side, could be vital.


Yeah, I guess we could use some of those, too. With Cole Grossman out the door, we're short players. (Running short, I mean. Not that we have a particularly tall midfield, of course, but that's not the point.) We're adding Pecka, but we lost Ned Grabavoy and Sebastian Velasquez, so, yeah, um, hey. We could use one or two more. Maybe some good two-way players would be nice additions. I'd like that.


I think we're actually fine here. We have, what, 18 of them? Carry on.