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Beckerman, Rimando returning to SLC for Portland match

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Beckerman and Nick Rimando are both returning to Salt Lake City after the United States' loss to Mexico on Saturday.

Their returns mean they'll be available for Real Salt Lake's match against Portland Timbers on Wednesday, which the club reportedly campaigned for. They're among eight players to leave camp early, with several players being called in for Tuesday's match against Costa Rica.

Beckerman's legs will be tested for longevity, though, with 120 minutes under his belt and two huge matches for RSL on both Wednesday and Saturday. Rimando didn't play for the U.S. side that lost in extra time, but he was a potential substitute — Jurgen Klinsmann reportedly planned to use him as a penalties-only goalkeeper, should the match have made it to that point, in a continuation of a slightly troubling trend.

Imagine — Rimando may never have become the great penalty-stopper he is if coaches had yanked him from games in a misguided bid to apply some mind games to the match.